The Lippy and Messy Project: English for children of pre-school and primary school age began with the educational-entertainment TV serial “Lippy and Messy”, made by Gama-Bell School of English in Krakow for Polish Public Television Channel 1. It was very favourably received by both children and parents and led to the creation of over 150 episodes which tell of the adventures of Lippy and Messy, two clowns, and Wizzy, the Wizard of Words. The authors have also prepared a series of workbooks entitled “Lippy and Messy, Songs and Games, which contain songs, stickers and pictures to colour in.



Watching Lippy and Messy is a fantastic way for your children to learn English. They'll enjoy the humour, love singing the songs and will memorise lots of English words and expressions without even trying. My son and daughter love it!

Clive Oxenden, co--author of "English File" (OUP), father of Lucia and Eric, who were born and live in Valencia, Spain.



The Lippy and Messy system of English language teaching for pre-school and primary school children has been developed by a team of ELT specialists from The Bell Institute for English Language Studies in Krakow (a member of the Bell Group, Cambridge) together with the creators of the TV series Lippy and Messy. Thanks to regular broadcasts on Polish Public Television TVP1, this programme, combining entertainment with language education, has gained wide popularity and helped a generation of children to take their first steps in English. In each of the 150 episodes, the amusing clowns Lippy and Messy, together with Wizzy (The Wizard of Words) go through all kinds of adventures. While watching the series, children not only have fun but also pick up lots of English words and phrases presented in a colourful and easily accessible form.


The system of teaching English with the Lippy and Messy method comprises a set of multimedia materials, complete lesson plans and attracive teaching aids that enable teachers to conduct language classes in kindergartens, primary schools and language schools. Teachers, equipped with a rich bank of ideas for original and effective lessons, as well as the tools and guidelines necessary to implement them, can easily adapt The Lippy and Messy Teaching Pack to their own needs.


The Lippy and Messy system of teaching is composed of 9 modules, each of which contains a complete set of teaching materials and aids necessary to conduct 50 lessons of English, including:

a bank of games and activities, detailed lesson plans,
a DVD with 10 episodes, a CD with songs,
a set of flashcards: A3, A4, A5, a set of colouring-in pictures,
a cut-out theatre, as well as a picture story book.


The set of 9 modules provides teachers with 450 lessons for children from 3 to 9 years of age, from levels A1 to B1.


To enhance the effectiveness of the teaching process the authors have also prepared a set of activity books with DVDs entitled Lippy and Messy Songs and Games , designed for home use by children.


Download a power-point presentation of the Lippy and Messy Teaching Pack.


In 2005 The Lippy and Messy Project was awarded the prestigious European Language Label for Innovation in the Teaching of Foreign Languages. In 2006 the Project won the main prize in the multimedia category and was voted “Most Child-Friendly TV Programme” in the competition organised by the Polish Committee for the Protection of Children’s Rights. In 2007 the Project was shortlisted for The British Council Innovation Award, the Oscars of the English Language Teaching world.




Lippy and Messy is a TV series for children designed to combine entertainment with language education. The eponymous heroes, a mischievous boy-clown Messy and a talkative girl-clown Lippy go through amusing adventures and each time they learn new words, new language structures and at least one original song. They interact with a third character, Wizzy (The Wizard of Words), who conjures up situations and contexts to explain new language.


The 156 episodes (each around four minutes long) are divided into four series: Lippy & Messy - in which our heroes learn basic words and phrases and have a lot of fun with Wizzy, Lippy & Messy ABC - in which they also learn the letters of the alphabet, Lippy and Messy: Do-Be-Do - in which they do lots of tasks and play at being in various jobs and Lippy & Messy: Go! Go! Go! - in which they visit different magic lands.


Lippy and Messy is entirely in English and performed by native speakers. The four series have been broadcast regularly, including repeats, since 2003 and enjoy high viewing figures.



The following quote comes from and end of year report published by the National Council for Radio and Television (KRRT): "The majority of children's programmes on TVP1 were well made and interesting for the young viewer. The programmes are adapted to the cognitive and intellectual levels of children in the relevant age group. Outstanding in this category were the British-made programmes Teletubbies, Postman Pat, Fetch the Vet (all three in Polish - translator's note), as well as the English-language educational series Lippy & Messy.




The series was written for and aimed at children from the ages of three to six. However, judging from correspondence, it seems that viewers range in age from one to ten. While children see Lippy & Messy as entertainment, their parents appreciate it as attractive education. Young viewers and their parents like it, borne out by numerous e-mail messages received by the authors and also comments on the website forums of Poland’s largest selling daily newspapers. Here is a short selection:


My daughter is two. When Lippy & Messy is on, she watches it open-mouthed and in absolute silence. It’s obvious that she really likes it. My husband and I wish it were on all day long.

My four and a half year old daughter loves it. She catches some of the words and is really happy that she understands.

My little boy loves watching Lippy & Messy. For him it’s not English lessons but simply bright colours, catchy songs and simple situations.

My little Alex loves Lippy & Messy. She’s simply nuts about it. If she is not in the room and hears the theme tune she arrives like a rocket. Absolutely crazy. I can hardly describe it.

The only thing our little girl watches is Lippy & Messy. It’s a huge hit. Amanda just sits there hypnotised. Maybe she will be in the one in the family who is good at languages because her parents aren’t.




Lippy and Messy is available both for broadcast licensing as well as for partnerships regarding co-production of further episodes, publication of the DVDs and books as well as production and distribution of teaching materials as well as related products and merchandise.

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